Rollupfix Penta 85

Tired of ugly roll banners?

Roll banners have proven to be very practical and economical when it comes to promoting your product, brand or company. You see them used as a stand-alone display on a limited space, or as part of an exhibition stand or promotion kit.

However, we think it is a shame that so many of the roll banners you see are of such a bad quality.

Banners bending forward, curling prints and roll mechanisms that are not able to tension the print good enough is something you see a lot. Too bad because this seriously damages the image of your product and brand.

And it is not necessary! For a very reasonable price you can have a roll banner which does look nice. And which gives your brand or product the image it needs. And these roll banners are super compact in transportation and shipment as well!

Quality and design integrated in 1 Roll banner

Our Rollupfix Penta is manufactured with top quality components. No cardboard roller-mechanism with a tiny spring and no super thin feet which are already bended after 1 time of use. With Rollupfix Penta we supply you a beautiful designed banner which looks great even after using the roll banner  many many times. We supply you with a life-time warranty on it!

But besides the quality, please also have a look at the design. Rollupfix Penta is super-compact (have a look at the picture where you can see the credit-card beside the roll-banner!) and has a nice “two-tone” design. The nice 5-sided design gives it a special look.

Perfect graphic prints

You see the quality of this roll-banner also in the prints of our roll-banners. Sharp images., crisp texts, vibrant colors and super flat graphic materials are guaranteed. And of course, the prints are opaque.

Even if you place the roll-banner in front of a window, you won’t see the pole of the banner shining through.

With Rollupfix Penta you let your brand, or product shine!

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  • Dimensions:160-220x85cm (HxW)
  • Weight:3,8 kg
  • Transport:Luxury transport bag
  • Setup time:1 minute
  • Template download
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  • Top-notch quality
  • Super compact
  • 5-sided, two-tone design
  • Opaque print
  • Luxury transport bag
  • Available in 60 -85-100-125-150 cm wide

Standard delivery contents

Roll banner 85cm wide, opaque full color print, telescopic pole and transport bag

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